About Me

Hello! It's Me!

Hello! It's Sam Respass. I'm a graphic designer from Kansas City, and St.Louis, and Pittsburgh (PA), and California. I get around. Originally my focus was illustration in college but found that in addition to loving drawing I also enjoyed making cool posters and clever concepts, so in the end I wound up switching to graphic design and not regretting it in the least.

I'm all about designs that draw attention, whether that means bright and colorful, or sleek and effective. Above all I strive for a design that's unique and nothing like anything else on the market. If you're looking for something new or unexpected I'm your guy.

Besides design and illustration my other hobbies include skateboarding, tending to my tiny garden family or trying new recipes. Expect to find me in your local coffehouse or arcade or discreetly taking pictures of dogs at the park.